Olga Cafiero (*1982) is a Swiss photographer based in Lausanne. After a BA in photography and an MA in art direction at ECAL, she studied art history at University of Lausanne. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in Switzerland and internationally since 2008, and regularly published in international magazines since 2009. Her awards include Foam Talent (selection), Hyères Festival de Mode et de Photographie, BFF-Förderpreis (laureate) and a Swiss Design Award (laureate).
Excerpts from media coverage about her work
«“Oh that’s just a photo I took of a satellite in a room” Oh, right, sure, thanks Olga. What’s that? “Oh that? That’s just an incredible picture I took of a horse yawning.” And so on. I know we often tend to gush on It’s Nice That, but this photography is seriously worth gushing about. Swiss and Italian Olga has spent the past few years carving out a name for herself in the well-heeled world of art photography, her knack of taking a word and forming a mood-board like project of exquisite photographs around it is second to none. Not only is every single shot something that you can, nay will, want to stare at for the rest of your life, but the way she has exhibited them in a rare, Tumblr-like format on gallery walls is sensational, and fits her diverse style down to the ground». – From It’s Nice That: https://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/olga-cafiero
«POMO Galerie and Carlo Madesani have the pleasure to present “Cabinet of Curiosities — Capitolo II” an inventory of photographs by Olga Cafiero that express the dichotomy between art and science, nature and objects that, taking inspiration from the Renaissance Kuriositätetenkabinette, have the artistic intent of rebuilding the Universe in one room, as if everything were a singular organism. A sort of reconstruction of the cosmos through a hodgepodge of things that are rare and particular but always connected. Because it’s true: nothing is independent and central; each single part is just a detail of a bigger mosaic». – From POMO: http://www.thepomo.com/after/cabinet-of-curiosites-chapter-ii
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