Within the frame of the project (the Enquête Neuchâteloise) I was awarded by the Canton of Neuchâtel, I propose a census and an image presentation of the flora of the canton setting them within a strong historical context, going back and forth with the past. I have been wandering for almost one year in the Neuchâtel area with my camera in search of its flowers. I have unearthed more than 160 specimens out of the more than 2,300 currently counted. The status of these flowers - considered common, protected, invasive or even extinct - guided my visual approach and led me to develop seven photographic series in which I have  brought together several disciplines and their different perspectives on nature in a fertile crossroads. Botany, scientific imagery and history have informed my approach and nourished my explorations as much as the prospecting of my own walks. The result is a singular corpus, with multiple and unexpected facets, as rigorous in its inventory and identification of plant species as it is poetic and complex in its visual languages.
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